What was the Battle of Villalar (1521)?

Introduction The Battle of Villalar was a battle in the Revolt of the Comuneros fought on 23 April 1521 near the town of Villalar in Valladolid province, Spain. The royalist supporters of King Charles I won a crushing victory over the comuneros rebels. Three of the most important rebel leaders were captured, Juan de Padilla,… Read More


What was the Revolt of the Comuneros (1520-1521)?

Introduction The Revolt of the Comuneros (Spanish: Guerra de las Comunidades de Castilla, “War of the Communities of Castile”) was an uprising by citizens of Castile against the rule of Charles I and his administration between 1520 and 1521. At its height, the rebels controlled the heart of Castile, ruling the cities of Valladolid, Tordesillas,… Read More