Let’s Get Acquainted with the Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol

Sometimes there is confusion between pistols and revolvers, although they are not the same, they are both handguns. A pistol is a type of handgun that has a single chamber, or multiple chambers, used to hold the cartridge while revolvers have rotating chambers that hold the bullet. The Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol is the number… Read More


Potential Pistols to Replace the UK’s Browning Pistol?

The Browning Hi-power 9mm pistol is one of several pistols that have been used by the UK armed forces. A number of pistols have been trialled as potential replacements for the Browning pistol, including: Beretta PX4; FN Herstal P9; Glock 17 (Gen 4); Heckler and Koch P30; Sig Sauer P226; Smith & Wesson M&P9; and… Read More