What was the Flight of the Wild Geese?

Introduction The Flight of the Wild Geese was the departure of an Irish Jacobite army under the command of Patrick Sarsfield from Ireland to France, as agreed in the Treaty of Limerick on 03 October 1691, following the end of the Williamite War in Ireland. More broadly, the term Wild Geese is used in Irish… Read More


What was the Planned French Invasion of Britain (1708)?

Introduction The Planned French Invasion of Britain, 1708, also known as the ‘Entreprise d’Écosse’, took place during the War of the Spanish Succession. The French planned to land 5,000-6,000 soldiers in northeast Scotland to support a rising by local Jacobites that would restore James Francis Edward Stuart to the throne of Great Britain. Despite French… Read More

What was the Siege of Derry (1689)?

Introduction The siege of Derry in 1689 was the first major event in the Williamite War in Ireland (1688-1691). The siege was preceded by a first attempt against the town by Jacobite forces on 7 December 1688 that was foiled when 13 apprentices shut the gates. This was an act of rebellion against James II.… Read More