What is the Defence Marine Services (DMS)?

The Defence Marine Services (DMS) is part of the ACNS(Spt) business area within Navy Command and manages two PFI contracts for: Provision of Marine Services within SD Marine Services Ltd (SDMS). Provision of Marine Support to Range Safety and Aircrew Training with Smit International (Scotland) Limited (Smit), who are part of the Boskalis Westminster Group. Users include: Navy… Read More


What is the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP)?

The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP), approximately 2600 strong, supplies armed protective policing across the Defence Estate, in particular at the: Nuclear weapons establishments at Aldermaston in Berkshire; and Nuclear submarine base at Faslane on the west coast of Scotland. The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Headquarters and training centre is based at Wethersfield, an 800 acre site near… Read More