What was the Conquest of Kalmar (1523)?

Introduction The Conquest of Kalmar (Swedish: Erövringen av Kalmar) took place on 27 May 1523, during the Swedish War of Liberation (1521-1523). Background In the beginning of 1523, Kalmar and Stockholm remained as the only real Danish strongholds in Sweden. The situation in Kalmar was tense, with many German Landsknechte mercenaries in Danish hire stationed… Read More


What was the Swedish War of Liberation (1521-1523)?

Introduction The Swedish War of Liberation (1521–23; Swedish: Befrielsekriget, “The Liberation War”), also known as Gustav Vasa’s Rebellion and the Swedish War of Secession, was a rebellion and a civil war in which the nobleman Gustav Vasa successfully deposed King Christian II from the throne of Sweden, ending the Kalmar Union between Sweden, Norway, and… Read More