What was the Battle of Winwaed (655)?

Introduction The Battle of the Winwaed (Welsh: Maes Gai; Medieval Latin: Strages Gai Campi) was fought on 15 November 655 between King Penda of Mercia and Oswiu of Bernicia, ending in the Mercians’ defeat and Penda’s death. According to Bede, the battle marked the effective demise of Anglo-Saxon paganism. Background The roots of the battle… Read More


What was the Battle of Maserfield (642)?

Introduction The Battle of Maserfield (or Maserfeld, “marsh (border) field”; Welsh: Maes Cogwy), was fought on 05 August 641 or 642, between the Anglo-Saxon kings Oswald of Northumbria and Penda of Mercia, ending in Oswald’s defeat, death, and dismemberment. The battle was also known as Cogwy to the Welsh, with their countrymen from Pengwern participating… Read More