What was the Lam Sơn Uprising (1418-1427)?

Introduction The Lam Sơn uprising (Vietnamese: Khởi nghĩa Lam Sơn) was the uprising led by Lê Lợi in Vietnam of 1418-1427 against Ming rule. Background This was a troubled time in Vietnam’s history as the Hồ dynasty in 1400 finally displaced the Trần dynasty and set about reforming the kingdom. Hồ rule was short lived… Read More


What was the Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động (1426)?

Introduction The Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động (1426) was the decisive battle in the 14-year Lam Sơn uprising which established Vietnam’s independence from Ming China in 1428. The Battle The battle took place over three days from 05-07 November 1426 in the Red River Valley between Tốt Động and Chúc Động, two villages… Read More