What was the An Shi Rebellion (755-763)?

Introduction The An Lushan Rebellion was an armed conflict between the Tang dynasty of China and various regional powers. The rebellion’s overt phase began on 16 December 755, when general An Lushan mobilised his army and marched to Fanyang, and ended when his Yan dynasty fell on 17 February 763 (although the effects lasted past… Read More


What was the Battle of Suiyang (757)?

Introduction The Battle of Suiyang (睢陽之戰) was a battle in Suiyang during the An Lushan Rebellion, between the rebel An Lushan’s Yan army and the loyalist forces of the Tang army. Although the battle was ultimately won by Yan, it suffered a major loss of manpower and time. The battle was noted for the Tang… Read More

What was the Battle of Yongqiu (756)?

Introduction The Battle of Yongqiu (雍丘之戰, pinyin: Yōngqiū zhī zhàn) was a battle in Yongqiu (current Qi County, Kaifeng) in 756 AD during the An Shi Rebellion, between An Lushan and the Tang army. The Tang army, led by Zhang Xun, finally won this battle. Background An Lushan had enjoyed many successes early on in… Read More