What was the Battle of Ancrum Moor (1545)?

Introduction The Battle of Ancrum Moor was fought during the Rough Wooing in 1545, part of the Anglo-Scottish Wars. The Scottish victory put a temporary end to English incursions in the Scottish border and lowlands. The battlefield has been included in the Inventory of Historic Battlefields in Scotland and protected by Historic Scotland under the… Read More


What was the Rough Wooing (1543-1551)?

Introduction The Rough Wooing (24 December 1543 to March 1551) was part of the Anglo-Scottish Wars of the 16th century between Scotland and England. Following its break with the Roman Catholic Church, England attacked Scotland, partly to break the Auld Alliance and prevent Scotland being used as a springboard for future invasion by France, partly… Read More

What were the Anglo-Scottish Wars?

Introduction The Anglo-Scottish Wars comprise the various battles which continued to be fought between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland from the time of the Wars of Independence in the early 14th century through to the latter years of the 16th century. Although the Wars of Independence, in which Scotland twice resisted… Read More

What was the Battle of Solway Moss (1542)?

Introduction The Battle of Solway Moss took place on Solway Moss near the River Esk on the English side of the Anglo-Scottish border in November 1542 between English and Scottish forces. The Scottish King James V had refused to break from the Roman Catholic church, as urged by his uncle King Henry VIII, who then… Read More