What was the Battle of Puerto Cabello (1743)?

Introduction The Battle of Puerto Cabello was an failed attack on a Spanish colonial port during the War of Jenkins’ Ear on 16 April 1743. Background The British naval forces under commodore Sir Charles Knowles had failed against the Spaniards in the attack at La Guaira (02 March 1743). La Guaira was as it still… Read More


What was the Battle of La Guaira (1743)?

Introduction The Battle of La Guaira or La Guayra, took place on 02 March 1743 in the Caribbean, off the coast of La Guaira, present day Venezuela. La Guaira was a port of the Royal Gipuzkoan Company of Caracas, whose ships had rendered great assistance to the Spanish navy during War of Jenkins’ Ear in… Read More