What was the Byzantine-Sassanid War (602-628)?

Introduction The Byzantine–Sasanian War of 602-628 was the final and most devastating of the series of wars fought between the Byzantine Empire and the Sasanian Empire of Iran. The previous war between the two powers had ended in 591 after Emperor Maurice helped the Sasanian king Khosrow II regain his throne. In 602 Maurice was… Read More


What was the Battle of Nineveh (627)?

Introduction The Battle of Nineveh (Greek: Ἡ μάχη τῆς Νινευί) was the climactic battle of the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628. In mid-September 627, Heraclius invaded the Sasanian heartland in a surprising, risky winter campaign. Khosrow II appointed Rhahzadh as the commander of an army to confront him. Heraclius’ Göktürk allies quickly deserted, while Rhahzadh’s reinforcements… Read More