What was the Battle of Andrassos (960)?

Introduction The Battle of Andrassos or Adrassos was an engagement fought on 8 November 960 in an unidentified mountain pass on the Taurus Mountains, between the Byzantines, led by Leo Phokas the Younger, and the forces of the Hamdanid Emirate of Aleppo under the emir Sayf al-Dawla. Sayf al-Dawla had established an emirate based in… Read More


What was the Siege of Antioch (968-969 AD)?

Introduction The Siege of Antioch (968–969) was a successful military offensive undertaken by leading commanders of the Byzantine Empire in order to reconquer the strategically important city of Antioch from the Hamdanid Dynasty. Part of the Arab-Byzantine Wars, 629-1050s. Background Following a year of plunder in Syria, the Byzantine Emperor, Nikephoros II Phokas, decided to… Read More