This website will provide you with all the information you ever needed to know regarding Outdoor Fitness, Fitness Boot Camps, Military Fitness and Military Training in the UK and [eventually] further afield.

This site will also provide the reader with evidence-based summaries of contemporary and historical research, HR, news and other stuff relevant to the area of military training and the fitness industry.

Army PTI, Be The Best


  • Perth, Western Australia from July 2016 to Present.
  • Glasgow, Scotland (UK) from March 2013 to July 2016.


About Me:

  • A sixteen year veteran of the British Army (October 1990 to August 2006).
  • Qualified as a military fitness instructor in 1996.
  • Started working in the commercial fitness boot camp and military fitness market in 2000.
  • Has worked as an Instructor and Manager across the UK (Southampton, Edinburgh, Newcastle & Glasgow).
  • Husband and Father of three kids.
  • Fitness Modalities: loaded marches, press-ups, weight training & burpees!
  • Likes:
    • Baking and eating cakes (good for hiding my 6-pack!).
    • Going to the cinema.
    • Visiting new restaurants.
    • Reading (mainly sci-fi, military history, New Scientist and The Economist).
    • Computer games (strategy and FPS).
    • Daily Politics (when in the UK!).


  • Regimental and Squadron Physical Training Instructor;
  • Defence Diving School Physical Training Instructor;
  • Defence Diving School Training Officer;
  • Defence Logistics and Supply School Training Officer;
  • Fitness Instructor (Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp);
  • Manager (Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp); and
  • Founder & Editor Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute website.


Civilian Qualifications and Professional Development:


  • MOOC (Undergraduate Level): Foundations of Virtual Instruction (Pass) (University of California, Irvine) (2015).
  • MOOC (Undergraduate Level): Exercise Physiology: The Athlete Within (Distinction) (University of Melbourne) (2013)
  • MOOC: (Foundation Level) Nutrition & Physical Activity for Health (Pass) (University of Pittsburgh) (2013)


  • Elite Functional Trainer Certification (Pass) (Australian Fitness Network) (2017)
  • Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach (IRRC) (Pass) (Athletics Australia) (2016)
  • VRQ Level 3 Certificate in Training in Outdoor Environments (Pass) (Fitness Scotland) (2013)
  • BA (Hons) in Business Studies (First Class) (Glasgow Caledonian University) (2011)
  • Certificate in Training Practice (Pass) (Salisbury College) (2006)
  • Certificate in Personnel Practice (Pass) (Aldershot College) (2006)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Learning (Pass) (Portsmouth College) (2005)
  • NVQ Level 3 in Learning & Development (Pass) (Portsmouth College) (2005)

Military Qualifications and Professional Development:

  • Forklift Operator’s Licence
  • Aerial Slide and Obstacle Course Supervisor
  • Physical Training Instructor Class 3
  • All Arms Physical Training Instructor (Upgrade Course)
  • All Arms Commando Course
  • Army Compressed Air Diver
  • Army Advanced Diver
  • PADI Advanced Diver
  • UK Defence Diving School First Aid Course (HSE First Aid at Work & O2 Admin)
  • Royal Navy Level II NBCD 23
  • Oxygen Administration & Diving Illness Module
  • Military First Aid Training (MFAT)
  • Defence Diver Extended Medical Skills (DDEMS)
  • Sea Survival & Safety Equipment Maintainer
  • OOW (Officer of the Watch), Near-Coastal, Ships Under 500gt.
  • Short Range Certificate (VHF Radio & GMDSS)
  • Basic Sea Survival Course
  • Intermediate Sea Survival Course
  • STCW95 Basic Safety Training (BST): Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety & Social Responsibility, and Elementary First Aid.
  • STCW Watch Rating (Navigational)
  • STCW Advanced Training: Proficiency in Survival Craft, Advanced Fire Fighting & IMDG (International Maritime of Dangerous Goods) Code
  • Junior Management Course (MPC: Military Proficiency Course)
  • Assistant NBC Instructor Course
  • Driver Class 3 Course (LGV Class 2, and later on LGV Class 1)
  • Seaman Class Three Course
  • Seaman Class Two Course
  • Navigator Class Two Course (OOW Course)
  • Navigator Class One Course (OOW Upgrade Course)
  • DITS: Defence Instructional Techniques Course (military teaching qualification)
  • Care of Trainees Course
  • Discipline & Grievance Course
  • Equality & Diversity Course
  • Alcohol Awareness Course
  • Drugs Awareness Course

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