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White Terror may refer to


  • First White Terror (1794-1795), a movement against the Jacobins in the French Revolution
  • Second White Terror (1815), a movement against the French Revolution
  • White Terror (Russia), a period of political repression, arrests and executions carried out by anti-Bolshevik forces during the Russian Civil War (1917–1923) and related conflicts
  • White Terror (Bulgaria), the repression of the communist September Uprising in the Kingdom of Bulgaria (1923)
    • Also known as the September Uprising
  • White Terror (Hungary), a two-year period (1919-1921) of repressive violence by counter-revolutionary soldiers
  • White Terror (Spain), mass murders committed by the Nationalist movement during the Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco’s rule
  • White Terror (mainland China), the period of political repression in China which was started in 1927 by the Republic of China/Kuomintang government
  • White Terror (Taiwan), the period of political repression in Taiwan which was carried out during the years of 1949 to 1987 by the Republic of China/Kuomintang government
  • White Terror (Greece), the persecution of the EAM-ELAS between the signing of the Treaty of Varkiza in February 1945 and the beginning of the Greek Civil War in March 1946
  • White Terror (Finland), the repression which was committed by the White troops both during and after the Finnish Civil War in 1918

Titles of Works

  • The White Terror (film), a 1917 silent German film
  • Kenya: White Terror, a 2002 BBC documentary based on the work of Caroline Elkins
  • The White Terror (story), a story by Arthur Wright

Red Terror may refer to

  • Red Terror (Russia), was a campaign of political repression and executions which was carried out by the Bolsheviks, chiefly through the Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police. It officially started in early September 1918 and lasted until 1922.
  • Hungarian Red Terror, the execution of 590 people who were accused of being involved in the counterrevolutionary coup against the Hungarian Soviet Republic on 24 June 1919.
  • Red Terror (Spain), assassinations which were carried out during the Spanish Civil War.
  • Red Terror (Greece), a campaign of repression which was waged in Greece by the Communist organisations of the Greek Resistance (during the Axis occupation of Greece which coincided with World War II) and the Greek Civil War (1943-1949).
  • Ethiopian Red Terror, a campaigned of repression which was waged by the Derg during the rule of Mengistu Haile Mariam.
  • Chinese Red Terror, a campaign of repression which is believed to have begun with the Red August of the Cultural Revolution. According to Mao Zedong himself: “Red terror ought to be our reply to these counter-revolutionaries. We must, especially in the war zones and in the border areas, deal immediately, swiftly with every kind of counter-revolutionary activity.”
  • Indian Red Terror, a name which was given to the “Nandigram violence” (November 2007) in Nandigram, West Bengal, critics use it in order to allude to the actions of the local administration Communist Party of India, the ruling party in West Bengal. The situation was also called a “Red Terror” by the media.
  • Finnish Red Terror, the 1918 Civil War in Finland.
  • Yugoslavian Red Terror, another name for the period from 1941 to 1942 in Yugoslavia known as the “Leftist errors.”

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