5 Tips to Enhance Your Fitness Journey At Home


Personal fitness does not have to be a complicated endeavour in 2023. You can get moving at home with consistency and some simple, essential equipment. Whether it is about getting bigger forearms at home or fat burning, below are 5 quick tips to enhance this journey at home.

1. Create a Designated Workout Space

Choose a designated space in your home to perform your fitness routines, set up equipment, and store your workout clothing. Avoid working out in the same space where you watch TV, unwind, and/or consume food (if you have the space). This will aid maintain concentration by eliminating possible distractions and prevent you from repeatedly glancing at your phone, emails, or TV.

Schedule at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise during your lunch break if you work remotely. Alternatively, if you are a morning person (like me), you can get some exercise in before you begin your workday. This can aid in invigorating you for your work and let you build a routine that aligns with your fitness goals and work routine.

2. Learn Beginner’s Exercises

You can kickstart your fitness journey with some simple exercises at home, like the plank, side-planks, squats, burpees, and jumping jacks. We recommend adding push-ups (aka press-ups) to your home exercise routine to build on upper body strength. You can start, for example, by completing 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps for each exercise, with 60-120 seconds of rest between every set.

Starting with essential cardio at home and increasing the intensity as you progress in your exercise routine can help you stay consistent in growth. These exercises also do not require any investment in fancy equipment (other than basic clothing), which can help you start your fitness journey without any financial hurdles. You need to not go overboard with lifting weights or increasing flexibility, as it can lead to a higher risk of injury. Starting with easier exercises will build up your strength slowly and enable you to do heavy-lifting and more demanding exercises with time (and also aids motivation).

3. Gym Clothes

Invest in appropriate clothing. Wearing athletic clothing can help make you feel more motivated to work out, for example. Place your clothing essentials near your designated workout area to help you switch to gym clothing immediately after taking that workout break. Wearing gym clothes during your home workout is more likely to put you in exercise mode and warm you up for the physical activity to come.

4. Simple Workout Equipment

Equipment for your home gym can help you work out and make your exercise space more appealing. You can invest in simple gear like a yoga mat, exercise balls, dumbbells, and yoga blocks that will enhance your at-home workout routines. You may also want some motivating wall art or posters.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Home workouts can sometimes get lonely, as they do not involve (necessarily) socialising or professional trainers. One solution is to use your phone or smart speaker as a guide to your home sessions. Creating a free playlist on a music app can set the tone for a workout and make it more fun. You can also use your smartwatch to track the calorie burn and workout time.


The fitness journey is subjective for each person, and one can start at any age. Start slowly, trust your inner strength, and be patient with your body until it adjusts to the routine. Commit to a fitness plan which aligns with your lifestyle and requires minimal changes, as it will help you stay consistent and motivated.


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