What is the UK Defence Trainer Manager’s Course?


This course prepares you to undertake a Defence Trainer Manager role as outlined in JSP822. It is recommended that you hold the DTS qualification. This course awards the DTM competency.

Refer to Defence Trainer Course and Defence Trainer Supervisor Course.


Delivered by the Defence Centre for Training Support (DCTS) in Shrivenham, part of the Defence College for Military Capability Integration, which is itself part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.


3 days via e-Learning (DLE) and online (virtual).

About this Course

  • This course is the highest level course in the Defence Trainer Capability Pathway.
  • This course is specifically for those in a Defence Trainer Manager role, and is not a DSAT awareness or DSAT Manager’s course.
  • The ‘Defence Systems Approach to Training eLearning v1.0’ on the DLE (Defence Learning Environment) will provide students with an overview of the DSAT process.

What will you Learn

  • You will learn how the DTM (Defence Trainer Manager) is the highest level of assurance/qualification in the Defence Trainer Capability.
  • They are responsible for advising the chain of command on the implementation of this Direction and other Defence training and education policies.
  • They act as the functional managers of the DTSs in a training establishment or on a unit and will oversee trainer-specific CPD.
  • The DTM role is an advanced role in the delivery of DSAT.
  • They are also the lead for Continuous Improvement (CI) relating to the DTC.
  • They will not be expected to duplicate the role of the DTS.
  • Where a unit is so small that there is no individual suitable to act as a DTM, Front Line Commands (FLC) may nominate other SQEP outside that Unit to undertake the role.

How this Course will Help your Career

This course will provide students the knowledge required to conduct the four core DTM tasks as outlined in JSP 822:

  • Advising the CoC on and ensuring the implementation of DTC Direction.
  • Functional management of DTS.
  • Supporting the professional development of training delivery staff through the management of mandatory workplace training for Defence Trainers and DTS and coordination of trainer-specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Quality assurance and maintenance of training delivery standards through the implementation of unit self-assessment relating to the unit’s system for managing Defence Trainers and DTS and the promotion of good practice.

Entry Requirements

  • Military or MOD civil servant.
  • It is recommended that you are DTS qualified, if you wish to come on the course with a similar or equivalent qualification please contact the DTC delivery team to confirm eligibility.

How the Course will be Taught

e-Learning (DLE); Online (Virtual).

How will you be Assessed

Individual formative assessment and some group activities.


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