Reasons You Should Consider In-Home Physical Therapy


The focus of physical therapy is to help treat injuries and illnesses, especially those affecting a patient’s mobility. There are different forms of treatment to help you relieve the pain and resume your routine, including in-home physical therapy.

Below are reasons why at-home physical therapy is a go-to for many.


Compared to visiting a clinic, at-home physical therapy is hassle-free. It can be tasking to frequently visit a clinic if you are in pain. You have to check-in, then wait for an available therapist to attend to you.

However, with in-home physical therapy, you will get all the services in the comfort of your own home.


Many patients prefer the convenience of at-home physical therapy because you are free to set your hours. Besides, you do not have to worry about getting to the clinic, hence no additional transportation costs.

Personal Care

Healthcare professional in outpatient settings usually serve several patients daily and must deal with other duties that the facility administration requires. However, when the healthcare professional visits your home, you have their undivided attention because no other patients are around.

Family Involvement

Being in the presence of friends and family after an injury or illness can help you recover faster. Since not all of them can come with you to outpatient facilities, having the healthcare professional visit your home is the best way to keep your loved ones around during therapy.

This way, they can take vital information for you, and you will stay motivated the whole time. Seeing that there are people who care for you and hope you recover helps you tolerate the process and, in the long run, pushes you to get better.

Resuming Normalcy

One of the admirable aspects of at-home therapy is that it is easier to help the patient resume everyday routines. For instance, the healthcare professional can help you climb up and down the stairs, walk to your neighbour’s house, or do other things you previously did.

Therefore, the therapy is customised such that you can exercise doing the same activities even in the healthcare professional’s absence. On the other hand, when visiting a facility, the treatment usually focuses on the injury, and there is less personalised therapy.


According to a study by researchers in 2016, it is evident that therapy from home has comparable results to outpatient settings. Home-based care was seen as more intensive and focused on the patient’s recovery since it was more personalised treatment.

Ready for At-home Physical Therapy?

At-home physical therapy helps speed up recovery since you do not have to stress yourself about hospital visits. You can focus more on recovering since you are receiving treatment in a familiar setup surrounded by family and friends.


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