4 Ways to Show your Military Pride


There is a strong chance you will have been awarded military medals during your service in the military. Some of these medals will have been achieved through hard work, while others were ‘simply added’ to your record because you took part in a specific operation or event.

It is critical to understand how to display military medals such as coast guard ribbons, and other military branch medals and ribbons, regardless of how you received them. Below are four potential ways to display your ribbons and medals.

Military Ribbon Rack (1)

1. Ribbon Racks

You will need to wear your Class A uniform (US military) and ribbon rack at some point if you are still on active duty, National Guard service, or reserve duty. This is the most popular way for military medals to be displayed.

Service personnel use ribbon racks on a variety of occasions. Inspections, special events, and military school graduations may all need the usage of a newly updated ribbon rack. When it comes to wearing ribbon racks, the uniform regulations of each service define how military decorations should be displayed.

However, if you are making a ribbon rack for a veteran, keep in mind that each branch’s uniform regulations govern how military honours are displayed on a ribbon rack or in civilian clothing. Simply because they are veterans, former military personnel do not have the authority to wear military decorations incorrectly.

 2. Shadow Box

If you are looking for a unique way to display military medals, a shadow box is a great option. For example, a shadow box builder is a terrific tool that makes assembling a shadow box a delight.

For keeping and exhibiting military keepsakes, shadow boxes are ideal. If you are going to construct your military shadow box, make sure it captures the essence of your service.

Medals, together with souvenirs, ranks, and dog tags, are displayed front and centre in the display case, highlighting and identifying the successes and pride in one’s service.

Individual medals can be placed in a one-medal display case or a four-medal display case; the smaller display cases are excellent for your desk at work or home.

Putting together a smaller case can be a fun family endeavour without the stress of a large shadow box, while still preserving memories and importance.

3. Ribbon Rack Sticker

A sticky rack is a great way to demonstrate your military support. Before being delivered to your home, racks can be modified and categorised online. On a toolbox, workshop wall, laptops, vehicle, or van, sticky ribbon racks look fantastic.

Military Ribbon Rack Sticker (1)

4. Military Decal

With a decal, you may show off your military medals and show your pride in your service. Decals are perfect for your car’s back window, your cooler, or any flat place where you want to demonstrate your appreciation for your service.


Those of us who have served will have been awarded a variety ribbons and medals for the various tasks and operation we took part in. This article has briefly outlined four ways that serving and ex-military personnel can presented those ribbons and medals.

Hopefully, you found this article useful and gave you some ideas.

Thank you for your service.


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