Can CBD and Hemp Oil be used to Treat Military Veterans?


Whenever someone hears the word CBD, they immediately begin relating it to cannabis (from which it is made). However, due to how infamous cannabis is, it can often paint the use of CBD in a bad light – but cannabis is slowly being legalised across jurisdictions for many reasons. One of these reasons is the health benefits it might have that research slowly starting to unravel.

So what exactly are CBD and Hemp oils, and what are their uses? Can they be used to help those who have served in the military for many years? If so, in what ways does it benefit them? Keep reading to find out.

Explaining CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This cannabidiol is naturally found in the extract of cannabis or hemp plants. Because this organic compound is derived from cannabis and hemp, which are often seen as recreational drugs, people have concerns about being affected by it or developing an addiction to it.

Although CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are derived from the same cannabis plant, these two compounds have distinct properties that separate them from one another. THC is associated with the high feeling or psychoactive effects, and CBD is more well known for its health benefits.

CBD is available in several different types and forms, with there three main three types:

  • Isolate is the purest form. As the name suggests, it contains only one of the components found in the extract of cannabis or hemp, which is cannabidiol.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD has everything except for THC.
  • Full-spectrum CBD contains all cannabis/hemp extract chemicals, including THC.

The most conventional options are creams and oils, but there are also edible versions like CBD candy or drinks. You can also find CBD capsules that come in varying concentrations. There are 30mg CBD Softgels that you can take if you feel that oils and creams are not working for you/or unsuitable.

CBD versus THC

CBD is one of the main cannabinoids (chemical compounds unique to cannabis) found in cannabis sativa plants, and a cannabis sativa plant can be classified according to its CBD and THC production potentials:

  • Type I cannabis sativa contains more than 0.3% THC and less than 0.5% CBD.
  • Type II cannabis sativa contains more than 0.3% THC and 0.5% CBD.
  • Type III cannabis sativa contains less than 0.3% THC and more than 0.5% CBD.

Type I and type II cannabis sativa are considered marijuana while type III is classified as hemp.

CBD can be derived from any type of cannabis sativa plant, but it is legal throughout the US only when it comes from hemp specifically – an important distinction.

THC is another main cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa plants, and this is the compound that produces the intoxicating, psychoactive “high” often associated with cannabis.

Because their unique chemical structures affect how they interact with the body they are treated differently in the US legal system.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is CBD that is administered mixed in with oil. This product is usually made by diluting the initial CBD extract using oils like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It also comes with extra ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamin E. CBD oil is entirely organic, eliminating the need to worry about unpleasant side effects that usually come with many synthetic drugs.

Are CBD and Hemp Oil the Same?

Although CBD and hemp oil sound like they are extracted from the same source, they are not. CBD oil normally contains a higher concentration of cannabidiol as the pure ingredients are mainly collected from the extract of flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp/cannabis plants. On the other hand, hemp oil is usually made from the Cannabis Sativa seed, which is not as rich in CBD.

How Much CBD/Hemp Oil Should you Use?

It is recommended that you take CBD oil regularly. You should check a dosage chart if you want a more accurate dosage. You must take two to three drops of oil three times a day. The results will depend on the strength of CBD in your oil. If you don’t feel any significant changes, increase the dose gradually.

As for hemp oil, it is recommended that you take around one to three tablespoons of it per day. Again, it can be taken as is but can also be mixed in with your salad.

What is the Most Effective Form Of CBD?

Of the three types of CBD available, full-spectrum CBD oils are considered the best and most effective. As noted above, full-spectrum CBD products normally contain all cannabinoids, including a small amount of THC. This gives rise to something called “The Entourage Effect.” This term describes the synergistic and collective effect of all the cannabinoids present in the products.

Aside from cannabinoids and THC, full-spectrum CBD also contains compounds like terpenes. These are also organic compounds but are much smaller than the other compounds. When put together, cannabinoids and terpenes tend to boost each other’s effectiveness, thus producing faster and more effective results than broad-spectrum or CBD isolate.

If you are not experiencing changes or are not satisfied with the effects of other CBD, then full spectrum CBD might help you out.

How Can CBD Benefit Military Veterans?

Being a soldier is not easy; it is physically tiring to fight and win wars, but it is mainly the aftermath of a war that can affect personnel. The memories of what happened at the time can cause veterans to suffer from PTSD, anxiety, stress, and depression.

High levels of stress due to recurring episodes of anxiety or PTSD are detrimental to the body, and can give rise to other issues, such as heart problems or even insomnia. It can also impact the effect of inflammation and infection throughout the body as stress lowers the body’s immunity.

Veterans can go through years of therapy and become dependent on medication to help them cope. Increasing doses of antidepressants (or medicines used to soothe anxiety) can have side effects, which have varying impacts, some of which can be severe.

CBD oil can help veterans with some of these symptoms, with some of the benefits of using CBD oil being:

  • Inflammation.
  • Cardiovascular issues.
  • Boost to own immunity.
  • Relief of chronic pain.

From a practical standpoint, any veteran suffering from mental distress and lack of sleep can easily take CBD to soothe their nerves. Research suggests it is effective and, in many states, is now readily available.


The benefits of CBD oils and hemp oils are becoming more and more obvious, mainly because of the progress of scientific research.

If you are a veteran willing to try CBD, then be sure to do your research and find a dose and type best suited for you. Take your oil regularly, and you will observe results within a short period. Good luck!


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