A Brief Outline of UK Military LGV Tests and Examiners


The following is a brief outline of the UK Military’s Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) tests and examiners.

Scammell Commander Tank Transporter.

Annual LGV Tests (2011-2020)

Total Individual Service Personnel Awarded Competence(s)1,4451,3411,3791,0829021,0351,0961,1231,0261,522

The above table shows the total of Army service personnel who hold one or more driver competences from that year and is for the whole Army (i.e. Regular and Reserve).

Who Can Undertake LGV Tests?

Personnel from across all three Services can undertake LGV tests.

Who Examines LGV Tests?

Personnel are tested by military or civilian qualified Defence Driving Examiners (DDEs).

DDE testing officers are trained and assessed to the same standards as Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) testing officers.

The DDE qualification is lifed at two years and Defence School of Transport (DST) Tier 3 DDE Instructors are also check-tested.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has derogations with the DVSA to enable the military to train and test their own personnel, across all three Services. The exception to this rule is those personnel who are self-funding LGV training as part of their resettlement process.


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