Planning to Buy Tactical Combat Boots – Features to Consider Before Buying Them


A complete tactical outfit is important for the safety and efficient performance of our law enforcement and military personnel. While bulletproof jackets/combat armour are essential, tactical combat boots are also important safety gear.

A lot of time and effort goes into the development of new boot technologies and materials, in an unending effort to create the most effectively balanced combination of comfort, support, and durability. Designed for enhanced performance and longevity, tactical boots must be hardwearing and sturdy yet also lightweight and comfortable.

Nowadays, we find many options available for boots that differ in price, features, colour, and material. On many occasions we may be inclined to buy an item that is on sale, however, there are several other factors that we must consider before we make a purchasing decision.

What is a Tactical Boot or Footwear?

Generally, tactical boots are used by safety officers, security personnel, law-enforcement, and military personnel. These sturdy boots can withstand extreme conditions without compromising the user’s comfort, performance, and agility. They provide extra protection from hazards that these groups may encounter when performing their duties.

Tactical Boots for Extreme Weather Conditions

Tactical boots can protect your feet from extreme weather conditions. These boots are ideal for sub-zero chilling weather, scorching hot summers, hot desert sand, and extreme rainy conditions. Tactical boots prepare you and keep you safe from these range of weather conditions.

People may have multiple sets of tactical boots suitable for these different weather conditions. With this in mind, some common types of boots for different environments are:

  • Winter Boots: These are ideal for people who work in cold weather conditions/environments. They use the best quality insulation material that keeps the user’s feet warm even in extremely cold conditions. These boots are also waterproof, which prevents snow from entering the boots.
  • Jungle Boots: These boots are made from canvas material so that they can dry quickly. The jungle boots have special soles with eye-holes that allow water to drain out from the shoes. They can be used in swampy conditions with no hesitations, as they can dry within an hour.
  • Desert Boots: The importance of desert boots can only be understood by those who have walked in hot desert sand with ordinary shoes. These shoes are resistant to sand and have openings that permit the ‘trapped-in’ sand to exit the shoe with ease. Desert boots are generally made from suede leather and can be cleaned easily with a shoe brush.

What are the Essential Qualities that a Tactical Boot Should Have?

1. Comfort

The most significant thing to have in tactical boots is comfort. Try out the combat boots before buying them to ensure that they are comfortable for your routine activities. To know the exact size of your shoe, you must consult the seller. Wearing a boot that is appropriate for your foot size ensures that your boots will be more comfortable.

Avoid buying tight boots and/or extremely pointed boots, as they can injure your toes and be uncomfortable. Further, make sure the heels of the tactical boots are not too high. Boots with higher heels will not justify the purpose of tactical boots.

2. Height

If considering a tactical boot, height is also an important factor to consider. The optimum height of tactical boots is approximately 6 inches (15.5 cm). This height aids in supporting your ankles while running or hiking on uneven surfaces. Boots with more lacing will (generally) be more supportive and comfortable for long hours of usage.

However, some security and law enforcement personnel prefer 8-inch (20.3 cm) boots. 8-inch boots are best suited for a variety of law enforcement and military drills and operations, including hiking (especially with weight). They are the best boots for action-driven activities. If your daily routine is filled with these types of actions, then 8-inch boots may be a better fit for you.

3. Boot Soles

Almost all tactical boots have specially designed insoles to deal with sweating and provide ventilation. They also prevent foot fatigue by giving good support and comfort.

Ideal tactical boots create traction within the boot that prevents the feet from slipping in the tactical boots. However, the outer soles should not be over 2 inches. Outer boot soles should be of rubber or polyurethane to make the tactical boots more flexible.

Though undeniably essential, midsoles are often underappreciated and overlooked by those who are in the market for a new pair of boots.

4. Midsole

Another vital feature of tactical boots is a supportive midsole. Designed to act as shock absorbers, the two materials most often used for midsoles are ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyurethane (PU), both of which are ideally suited for reducing the impact and strain placed on the feet whilst running or during long treks.

Without midsoles to properly support and cushion the feet, walking even a short distance in a pair of tactical boots would quickly result in discomfort.

5. Material

Commonly made from full-grain leather, split leather, nubuck, suede or faux leather, the material tactical boots are manufactured from have a major impact on its lifespan, water-resistance, breathability and other qualities.

For instance, boots made from synthetic materials are often lighter, cheaper and easier to break in than their full-grain leather counterparts; however, they also tend to wear out faster than a real leather boot that has been properly cared for.

6. Weight

The weight of your tactical boots is a crucial factor. The heavier the boots you wear, the more trouble you have in manoeuvring and moving. Always try to buy a lightweight and flexible pair of boots, if opting for tactical boots.

Lightweight boots allow you to wear them for long hours without incurring too much foot fatigue. Lightweight boots can enhance your stamina, stealth skills, speed, and agility in complex situations. As such, lightweight boots can have a positive impact on your performance.

Buying the Right Tactical Boots

There are many elements to consider when purchasing tactical boots. After considering these elements and still be unsure, customer feedback on the website may aid in your decision on whether or not to purchase.

Choosing an ideal boot can be decisive in the performance of your duties and you can find a variety of tactical boots with numerous features and options from a range of providers. Make a decision based on your requirements including price, comfort, support, and durability.


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