What is Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations?


CFR Title 32 – National Defence is one of fifty titles comprising the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Title 32 is the principal set of rules and regulations issued by federal agencies of the United States regarding national defence.

It is available in digital and printed form, and can be referenced online using the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR).


The table of contents, as reflected in the e-CFR updated 32 March 2021, is as follows:

VolumeChapterPartsRegulatory Entity
Subtitle A – Department of Defence
1I1-190Office of the Secretary of Defence
2191-399Office of the Secretary of Defence
3V400-629Department of the Army
4630-699Department of the Army
5VI700-799Department of the Navy
6VII800-1099Department of the Air Force
Subtitle B – Other Regulations Relating to National Defence
XII1200-1299Defence Logistics Agency
XVI1600-1699Selective Service System
XVII1700-1799Office of the Director of National Intelligence
XVIII1800-1899National Counterintelligence Centre
XIX1900-1999Central Intelligence Agency
XX2000-2099Information Security Oversight Office and National Archives and Records Administration
XXI2100-2199National Security Council
XXIV2400-2499Office of Science and Technology Policy
XXVII2700-2799Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations
XXVIII2800-2899Office of the Vice President of the United States

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