What is the Joint Battlespace Management Course (JBMC)?

Aim of the Course

To improve awareness of the principles of Joint Battlespace Management, including planning and execution, at both the operational and tactical level, in order to prepare officers to fill staff appointments in joint and component headquarters.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Sergeant (OR-6) to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4).
  • IELETS Level 5.5.


Five (5) days, with three (3) courses per year.


Royal School of Artillery Larkhill.

Outline of Course

  • Understand battlespace management doctrine.
    • Understanding the content and location of doctrine associated to Battlespace Management (BM), specifically: JDP 3-70, JDP 3-00, JDP 3-62, AFM Vol 1 Pt 11, and AFM Vol 1 Pt 13. Understand the BM role within Joint Action.
  • Understand the seven dimensions of BM.
    • Understand and demonstrate through planning and execution the ability to conduct BM within the seven dimensions:
      • Maritime;
      • Land;
      • Air;
      • Space;
      • Information;
      • Electromagnetic; and
      • Time.
  • Understand the fundamentals of BM.
    • Understanding and application of a defined battlespace, the principles of BM, the relationships and interfaces between components.
  • Apply BM procedures.
    • Plan and execute BM within a Joint context, showing evidence of the application of coordination and control, knowledge of the BM Groups, understanding of the initial battlespace conditions, and risk management,
  • Understand the Air Component command and control procedures.
    • Show an understanding of the Airspace Control Authority, the Joint Air Operations Plan, the Air Operations Directive, and the Master Air Operations Plan.
    • Understand the Airspace Management Tools available to the Joint BM practitioner. Understand the Air Tasking Order and Air Tasking Cycle.
    • Request and execute ACM.
  • Understand the Maritime Component BM command and control procedures.
    • Understand the maritime perspective to integration of BM within a joint environment, and the role of BM as practiced in 3 Commando Brigade.
  • Understand the role of Combat Identification (CID) in BM.
    • Understand the process of combining Situational Awareness, Target Identification, and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to increase the operational effectiveness of weapon systems and reduce the incidence of casualties caused by friendly fire.
  • Understand the Joint Force Headquarters perspective to BM.
    • Understanding of BM at the operational level, and the frictions, challenges and impact it has on the Joint environment.

Qualifications Gained



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