What is IDT(RN)?


The Royal Navy (RN) has a long and proud tradition of training international Service and civilian personnel at a wide range of naval training establishments throughout the United Kingdom (UK).

What is the Aim of IDT(RN)?

The aim of International Defence Training (Royal Navy) (IDT(RN)) is to promote and deliver UK based maritime training to overseas military students.

The IDT(RN) staff provide a link between the individual training establishments and overseas customer countries, primarily through the Defence liaison system.

There are many RN and Royal Marine (RM) courses that are available, and training can be provided for most specialisations and equipment currently used by the RN and RM.

Availability is subject to course capacity and any overriding security constraints, and additional courses are available and details on these can be provided upon request (to the RN).

What can Overseas Military Students Expect from RN Training?

  • Contemporary training delivered by professional instructors.
  • High-tech equipment in state-of-the-art surroundings.
  • A knowledge of practical as well as theoretical applications.
  • The broadening of personal experience.
  • Opportunities only available in larger training establishments.
  • A history of excellence and a determination to continue that tradition.

How to Book Courses

  • Training requests are normally received via a country’s High Commission/Embassy in London or through the UK Defence Attaché in the country concerned.
  • A written request (either letter, facsimile or e-mail) should be sent to IDT(RN) with details of the training required and how it will be funded.
  • Ideally, training requests should be with IDT(RN) nine months before the start of the course, although every effort is made to accommodate requests at shorter notice.

What is the Process After That?

  • On receiving the application IDT(RN) will confirm availability of training course dates and costs, as well as any necessary security clearances.
  • A formal offer of training will then be sent. This will confirm the conditions of the training including the dates, number of student places, and prices (tuition as well as messing and accommodation costs).
    • The offer will also confirm the reply dates needed to confirm the places, and when the individual student details must be provided to IDT(RN).
  • Acceptance of offers of training must be received, no later than the date specified in the offer letter.
    • Acceptance is agreement to the notified conditions and charges.
    • Please note that if no reply is received by the date specified in the offer letter it will be assumed that the places are no longer required and they may be re-allocated to another customer.
  • IDT(RN) must then be advised of the participating students’ details, with a Certificate of Security and Assurance for each student.
    • This must be provided three months prior to the course commencement.

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