What was the Battle of Sacheon (1598)?


The Battle of Sacheon (泗川) was a siege by Korean and Chinese forces against the Japanese fortification of Sacheon from 06 to 11 November 1598, during the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598).

It ended in Japanese victory.


Dong Yiyuan and Jeong Chaeryong’s combined army pushed forward to Sacheon on 06 November 1598.

The Battle

On 06 November, the allied forces surrounded the fortress.

On 09 November, the allies assaulted the fortress, bombarding it as well as using a ram to smash the gate.

On 11 November, the allies breached the walls and as they were pushing into it, an explosion occurred. The cause of the explosion is obscure, but the result is that the shockwave caused a massive rout which led to heavy casualties.


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