What was the Battle of Cheongju (1592)?


The Battle of Cheongju was a battle during the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598). Jo Heon attacked the Japanese-held city of Cheongju and captured it on 06 September 1592.


Jo Heon and the monk Yeonggyu gathered a force of 2,600 to attack Cheongju, which served as the administrative centre of central Korea and contained a large government granary. It was previously taken on 04 June and was under the control of Hachisuka Iemasa.

The Battle

When the Koreans attacked, some of the Japanese were still out foraging for food. The Japanese came out and fired at the Koreans, but they were surrounded and killed. The Koreans did not know how to use the matchlock firearms, so they used them as clubs. At this point a heavy downpour started so the Koreans fell back and retreated.

The next day the Koreans discovered the Japanese had evacuated from Cheongju and took the city without a fight.

Aftermath and Legacy

With Cheonju secured the Koreans moved on towards Geumsan.


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