Hallmarks of a Great Officer…

“Today’s officer must have the mental flexibility, the imagination, to utilize to the fullest extent the developments of modern technology. Nevertheless, he must not lose his soldier’s soul in the laboratory. Above all he must have the integrity and character of a Washington, the moral conviction of a Lincoln, and the tenacity and fighting ability of an Eisenhower, a MacArthur and a Patton. These are high standards, but they are the standards of our present dedicated leadership, and will always be the hallmarks of the great officer.”

William M. Brucker (1894 to 1968)

Wilber Marion Brucker was an American Republican politician. He served as the 32nd Governor of Michigan from 1931 to 1933 and as the United States Secretary of the Army between 21 July 1955 and 19 January 1961.


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