Guide to Find the Best Scope for 7mm Mag

1. Type of Scope

You can choose amongst the two types of scope: Variable scope and fixed power scope.

  • Variable scope:
    • Variable scopes perform well under various environmental conditions.
    • It manages the target well of close or even of long distances.
    • With a variable scope, you can adapt to the wide magnification range.
    • Zooming in and zooming out the target also becomes quite easy.
    • So with variable scope, you can make the adjustments as per your shooting needs.
  • Fixed power scope:
    • Fixed power scopes do not offer numerous variables for magnification adjustments.
    • It means the magnification settings system in fixed power scope is fixed and adjustments cannot be made.
    • With the simple scope design, it is perfect for those who demand the same distance shooting.

2. Magnification

Yes, while shopping for the best scope for 7mm mag we need to determine its magnification. Magnification is essential as it is related to the acuity and clearness of the image or your target on the basis of the settings of the scope. The scope you choose with the magnification should formulate of zoom power and either a variable of the fixed magnification range.

With 7mm mag long-range exactness and ballistic, a scope with high zoom ranges will be suitable or you can make a choice as per your preference. As some prefer a scope with fixed magnification for long-range shooting while some prefer variable magnification settings for enhanced shooting flexibility.

It means the magnification selection is all about once choice and shooting needs have no specific numbers to be determined. The high magnification means the target view will be bigger through the lens.

3. Eye Relief

Eye relief means the distance between the ocular lens and the eyes when in a shooting position. When you have a rifle with a big calibre than the eye relief of 2″ inches will be suitable. Considering the eye relief is essential as it offers the safety to the eyebrows from recoil.

4. Scope Number

When choosing a good scope then the scope numbers are classified into 2 parts detached by ‘X’. The number you can see before the ‘X’ indicates the magnification. Here the earlier number mentioned is the diameter of the objective lens.

In variable scopes, you can see the two numbers in the part of magnification which indicates that the magnification can be adjusted with its variables.

Next, the scope with the fixed power consists of only one number in the part of the magnification which indicates the fixed power.

5. Construction

Of course, you want sturdy scope construction. Right?? So the scope with the single-piece body is recommended. Also, check for a scope with weather-resisting quality that could perform well under any weather conditions.

The scope with aircraft-grade aluminum construction is considered highly durable and also heavy-duty scope. Such scope construction can tackle with any pressure in the competition area.

It can also tackle demanding shooting practices. Also, choose the scope which is not only weather resistance but also one which performs well under various temperatures is also vital.

6. Lenses

Yes a good scope should offer a clear image or target view which makes it one of the most important factors to be considered. A scope with a good lens makes shooting accurate and also assist in examining the speed of the wind. 

The scope with a high-quality lens will offer better shooting experience as it provides a clear image even at the long distance.

Preferring the scope with a fully multi-coated lens which enhances the proportion of the light that a scope can submit. In improvement also look for a large objective of the lens which makes an image view obvious in low light conditions and also from daylight to night break.


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