What is the Theatre Enablement Group (TEG)?

What is Theatre Enablement?

Theatre Enablement recognises the crucial importance of all aspects of designing, setting, opening, sustaining and closing an operational theatre.

What is the Theatre Enablement Group ?

The Theatre Enablement Group (TEG) is formed around the headquarters of 104 Logistic Support Brigade, with augmentation from:

  • 8 Engineer Brigade;
  • 2nd Medical Brigade;
  • Joint Ground Based Air Defence; and
  • Wider Army support, including 1st Military Police Brigade.

What Does TEG Do?

TEG provides a scalable pool of theatre enablers, to facilitate success on operations.

With its focus on the Euro-Atlantic region, TEG has developed a close relationship with 21st (United States) Theatre Sustainment Command within United States Army Europe – a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the speed of decision making and assembly should the need arise.

Who Does TEG Report To?

TEG reports to Headquarters Force Troops Command (FTC), based at Upavon.


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