Tips for Cleaning your Gun

Every single gun owner knows for a fact that proper gun care means regular cleaning of your essential weapon parts and components.

For a rookie gun owner, this can be a tedious task but, by simply following these steps, you can get your gun cleaned in a breeze.

1. First, Unload your Gun!

Before anything else, make sure that your gun is 100% unloaded. Check the chamber and barrel to make sure they are free and clear of bullets.

This is always the crucial first step for effective gun cleaning.

2. Next, find a Well-Ventilated Area to Clean your Gun

Gun cleaning products can often emit a very strong smell, so you need to ensure you are in a well ventilated area.

Find a suitable work table and place a smooth fabric over it to avoid scratching your weapon.

3. Take out your Gun Cleaning Kit and Some Rags

Your cleaning kit must include:

  • Lubricating oil;
  • Cleaning rod with pads and clips; and
  • Chemical gun cleaner.

Some kits come with cleaning brush and cloths too.

4. Start the Actual Gun Cleaning

Place the tooth brush or brush from your cleaning kit into the chemical cleaning solution and clean the exterior of your cylinder and the body.

These areas can get very dirty, but with proper and consistent clean-ups, the dirt and debris build-up can be removed. If this dirt and debris are not removed, they can potentially affect the overall performance of your weapon.

After careful scrubbing, wipe your gun parts and components with a clean and dry cloth to remove any excess chemical solution.

5. Place some Clean-up Gun Patch to the Cleaning Rod with the Clip from the Gun Cleaning Kit

Dip the cleaning patch with the chemical solution until it is well saturated.

Very slowly drive the rod straight into the barrel of the gun, clean the interior of your gun’s barrel as you slowly shove it inside.

Change your damp and dirty cleaning patch once more and get a clean one and dip it to the cleaning solvent as you lunge the rod into the opposite side of your gun barrel.

Go ahead and keep on cleaning your barrel, change the patch every single time until you come to a point where it is entirely cleaned.

6. Lubricate your Gun Components with the Aid of the Gun Lubrication Solution provided for in the Cleaning Kit

Place a brand new cleaning patch to the tip of your cleaning rod, place some lubricant solution and slip it right into the gun barrel, in and out a few times.

On GunHub’s firearms information site, they note that less is more when it comes to lubricants so use it sparingly.

Then, with the help of a clean cloth or rag, place a little lubricant to the other moving parts of your gun, and ensure that all parts and components are moving and working smoothly as it should be.

The moment you are done and you are 100% sure that your gun is totally clean, store all of your gun cleaning products and rag in a safe place out of reach of your kids and pets. Read this post you want to know more about best hand gun safety.


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