How to Choose a Rifle Scope

No matter what your views are on guns, you cannot deny that they are extremely entertaining. Why else would you cheer for your favourite action stars as they blast their way through the bad guys in movies?

Guns obviously need to be used with care and for the right reasons, which is probably one of two things: the shooting range or for hunting, self-defence aside.

It does not matter if you choose either option, you still need to get the right guns to use. This is specifically the case for hunting, where you really need to pay attention to the scope, not just the rifle. This is how you can choose a rifle scope.

The Environment

One of the first things you need to consider when getting a rifle scope is the environment. It is important that you determine where you are going to be using that rifle scope, and why.

You should know that not all scopes will work with varying weather conditions. If you want the best scopes for AR15 – one of the finest assault rifles in the market – then you might want to go with an optic that grants a lot of accuracy and precision with targets.

Will it work well with extreme weather conditions, though? Or are you better off with normal sights or another kind? These are questions that you need to ask yourself while trying to find the right rifle scope.


Just how far away are your targets going to be? It goes without saying that magnification should be a factor that you consider before choosing a rifle scope.

If you plan on going hunting quite often, then you need a certain magnification – fixed 4x or variable 3-9x scopes were quite popular back in the day and they were most hunters’ choice of scope. These are lower magnification rifle scopes that are just perfect for targets within the 100 yards range.

Now, modern scopes are used; they are also of lower magnification but the zoom ratio is the improved 4:1, which gives you a bigger and clearer image of your targets.

Eye Relief

This is a very common term that you will find all experts using, and it means that the distance between your eyes and the scope.

The average scope gives you a nice 4 inches, which is quite convenient and comfortable for the eyes.

Lower quality scopes will have less distance, and they definitely will not be as easy to use because you will have to get closer, which can be quite dangerous to your eyes – not to mention awkward looking.


This is one important angle you need to consider before getting any rifle scope.

Parallax is when your crosshairs keep moving because of your breathing or heartbeats, which will make it difficult to get a clear shot. This is why most hunting scopes are parallax-free, which means you will be able to get clear shots.

You need to take your time with this and weigh your options. There are dozens of different types in the market, each with certain features.

So, figure out why you need the scope first and where you will be using it, and then go shopping!


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