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On Veteran’s Day, vets are expected to be inundated with appreciation and thank you’s. If you have ever worn the uniform, then you understand that being a vet is not something that happens just a day a year. This is something that is with you for life. With this in mind, we are lucky to be living in a nation that takes care of its veterans.

While we can level our criticism at the VA, it is, however, getting better with numerous good-hearted individuals willing to rectify this by providing their expertise, patience, and time.

Veterans enrolling in college for their first time usually face numerous and varied challenges. Before the classes start, there is often pressure to identify the ideal institution, navigate through the GI Bill, as well as ensure all essential materials are well-organised and submitted.

Often most veterans need assistance brushing up on the necessary writing skills and mathematics skills. With these resources, free online college for veterans can help them get in line and pursue their education.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of distinct veteran resources online. Below are five resource sites you can trust to assist you with everything ranging from healthcare to emergency aid to job training. These five unique websites afford numerous veterans for the armed forces in the USA. Whether you require job training, emergency help, home loan, or information on how to utilise your well-earned perks, it is all outlined here.


Essentially, this is an inclusive shop for everything military-related, provides details on benefits, delivers news, maintains its veteran job board, as well as boasts multiple other resources to simplify the life as veterans.

If you are searching for a distinct web portal to link you to military life, then is your best option. There is not much that this site doesn’t have, although several other sites outlined here feature a somewhat narrower scope that renders them more practical in various circumstances.

If you are the type of veteran who is still seeing military in virtually all you do, then should be your homepage if you are to remain completely connected.


Like or hate it, the VA is perhaps a part of your life and probably for your entire life. If you have found the unfriendly, outdated, and tangled layout of the VA site, you are not alone.

For some time now, the VA has been working hard to do redefine, and the updated website represents the reinvention. According to an article on veteran resources as published by popular custom writing writers on site, which is now defunct, was the initial attempt by VA at introducing a fresh, veteran-friendly site to its online resources. Currently, though, it has now merged with, and you, therefore, need not worry about redirects between websites.

This new site is established not with vendors (e.g. organisational partners and administrators) in mind, but rather the veterans. Here, you will find all types of resources on the distinct VA homepage-education benefits, medical data, military, and disability records all included here.

3. Veterans Crisis Line

The exclusive Veterans Crisis Line, which is run by the VA, is designed to offer assistance to those that most need it. If you need assistance with depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, among other life crisis conditions, you can dial 1-800-273-8255, chat online via this site, or text 838255.

The distinct Veterans Crisis Line additionally features numerous varied resources for both self-treatments as well as details on how to identify the signs and symptoms of a looming crisis in a loved one. This platform is a fantastic resource for anyone suffering as well as those taking care of the individuals.


In reality, there are only a few (if any) veterans who are not familiar with or have not heard about the USAA. If this describes you, then you are definitely missing out! Why? Essentially, the USAA is a distinct home loan, insurance, investing, life planning, and banking powerhouse. The USAA services are usually only available to veterans as well as their immediate families, with their exclusive rates being exceptionally commendable.

If you are looking for an excellent resource for veterans and have not checked out the USAA, then you need to do it ASAP! Their offerings are quite decent. In fact, it could entirely transform your financial situation and for the better, of course!

5. Hire Heroes USA

Finally, if you are searching for job training or a job, then you need to check out this resource site, otherwise known as the Hire Heroes USA. Ideally, this website affords you a wide array of distinct veteran training resources, not to mention job postings and so much more than vets otherwise need to identify, set yourself up to a new career once they depart from the force/service of their nation.

Typically, no veteran needs to go without a job after ETS. With this in mind, the Hire Heroes USA site wants to ensure that this never happens to you or a fellow veteran.

If you find yourself somewhat lost and you are looking for a new career path to kick-start your life after serving your country, then the Hire Heroes USA is where you need to be.


Ultimately, there are numerous useful resources available for veterans. However, navigating through these resources and finding the ideal one for your needs can be quite overwhelming, and we believe that no veteran needs to go through this alone.

This short but detailed guide opens you up to resources and tools that can effectively simplify the process of acquiring earned benefits, getting services and programs that subsequently meet your unique needs, and coping with the otherwise enduring effects of service-associated injuries.

Good Luck!


Jeff Blaylock is a renowned personal development coach and an accredited freelance author. He is the holder of a Master’s degree in Psychology. Besides authoring, Jeff is also involved in many motivational programmes helping individuals cultivate their personality.


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