Shooting Safety Gear You Need

Shooting is regarded as a challenging, but an enjoyable hobby. It is challenging because it entails the focus and precision to accurately hit your target. It can become frustrating at certain times, but with the proper technique and constant practice, you will soon find shooting as fun and enjoyable, and even a therapeutic way to release your stress. Target shooting, range shooting, or indoor shooting are all variants of a gun sport, and just like any other sport, you need the proper safety gear and equipment before indulging in hitting a practice target with your gun.

Eye Protection

First up in the shooting safety gear essentials is appropriate eye protection. You need to be able to protect your eyes from any foreign materials that may spring out of a gun in ricochet. Specifically, you will need ballistic glasses, which are approved and have met the ballistic resistance requirements. If you love outdoor shooting under the brightness of the sun, glasses made with dark lenses will prove to be much more beneficial for you. Yellow or amber lenses may not work well under the bright light of the sun, but can be perfect for low lighting conditions.

Additionally, ballistic glasses with polarised lenses or smoke tint tend to cut glare. There are, however, glasses with interchangeable lens such that you get the benefit of different types of lenses. The drawback of this is that it may be difficult to change the lens when you are already out in the field. Hence, it is best to choose the perfect lens for your shooting environment beforehand.

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Ear Protection

The sound of a gun firing can cause severe damage to your eardrums. Hence, it is mandatory to have appropriate hearing protection and, in shooting, these come in either an ear plug or an earmuff.

While both protect your ears, earmuffs tend to do a better job because it is able to enclose your whole ear, blocking excessive decibels. Nevertheless, there are already electronic hearing protection, which allow for a normal conversation, but shut down the volume of the sound when it reaches a certain limit.

Hand Protection

Apart from your eyes and ears, you also need to protect your hands from unfortunate injuries. However, you need also to consider that you will need gloves that are specifically meant for shooting, because you want a good grip on your gun for an accurate hit.

Tactical shooting gloves are usually thin and lightweight, offering you a bare-hand feeling. Additionally, your shooting gloves should be able to allow you to operate your firearm controls, and not restrict you from doing so. It is a plus if your gloves have padded knuckles, which can help absorb impact.

Shooting as a sport brings forth many benefits. Apart from being able to train your mind to focus and concentrate, it can also be a form of stress-relief. Nevertheless, before you practice the sport of aiming at a target with your gun, you need to be equipped with the proper safety gear and equipment. This is to ensure your well-being, as well as those around you, while practising the sport.


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