What are the Risk Factors of Hearing Loss among Thai Naval Divers?

Research Paper Title

Risk Factors of Hearing Loss Among Thai Naval Divers.


This study aimed to clarify the prevalence of hearing loss and its risk factors among Thai naval divers.


The participants were 263 military divers in the Royal Thai Navy, aged 22 to 55 years.

The participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire and to undergo the examinations on hearing acuity and physical measurement.

The average diving year was 16.1 years.

The participants dived 2.1 times a week until to 132.3 fsw (4-5 ata) in average.


Sixty-one percent of them had hearing loss. In order to determine the diving exposure dose for the participants, total diving depth was calculated from diving years, diving times a week and maximal diving depth.

Multiple linear regression analysis showed the hearing level associated with total diving depth and the experience of no-decompression diving.


This result suggests that the Royal Thai Navy should manage diving conditions for conserving hearing acuity of Thai naval divers.


Srinoon, S., Morioka, I., Lormphongs, S.3, Boonsing, S. & Kaewboonchoo, O. (2019) Risk Factors of Hearing Loss Among Thai Naval Divers. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health. 31(3), pp.219-226. doi: 10.1177/1010539519839816. Epub 2019 Apr 15.


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