What are the Staff Roles at MCTC?

In July 2018, the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC), the British Army’s detention centre, had approximately 160 civilian and military staff, including:

  • 120 Army personnel;
  • 10 Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines) personnel;
  • 10 Royal Air Force personnel; and
  • 20 Civil Servants.

These staff were employed in a variety of roles, as outlined below:

  • Second in Command (2IC) Operations and Training Support
  • 2IC Security and Reception
  • 2IC Training Platoon
  • Accommodation Storekeeper
  • Action Warfare Technician branch
  • Adjutant
  • Aircraft Engineer and Mechanic branch
  • Assistant Farm Supervisor
  • Basic Skills Development Manager
  • Chaplain
  • Commandant
  • Commander 2 Platoon
  • Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) A and D
  • Company Sergeant Major (CSM)
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Detainee Records Clerk
  • Education Clerk
  • Finance Clerk (Job Share)
  • Financial Staff Assistant
  • IC Detainee Records
  • Instructor Military Training
  • Instructor Officer Employment Preparation
  • Instructor Officer Tiling
  • Instructor Officer Vehicle Maintenance
  • Instructor Officer Welding
  • IT Systems Manager
  • Learning Centre Advisor
  • Library Information Assistant
  • Military Provost Service Regimental Officer
  • Military Transport Details
  • Offender Management Unit SNCO (senior non-commissioned officer)
  • Offender Management Unit Warrant Officer
  • Officer Commanding (OC)
  • OC Training
  • Permanent Staff Administration Officer
  • Permanent Staff Instructor (PSI)
  • PSI Company
  • Petty Officer (PO) Catering Services
  • PO Physical Training
  • PO Supply Chain
  • Physical Training Instructor (PTI)
  • PTI Remedial Instructor
  • Platoon Commander
  • Post Room Clerk
  • Quartermaster and Mechanised Transport
  • Quartermaster Clerk
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor (QMSI)
  • Quartermaster Stores
  • Regimental Accountant
  • Regimental Administrative Officer
  • Regimental Careers Manning Warrant Officer
  • Regimental Operations Officer
  • Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS)
  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)
  • Rehabilitation Intervention Manager
  • Section Commander- 1 Platoon
  • Section Commander- 2 Platoon
  • Section NCO
  • Security and Reception SNCO
  • Senior Education Officer
  • SNCO Design Cell
  • SNCO Detainee Records
  • SNCO Operations and Training
  • Staff Assistant Service Custody Company
  • Staff Support Assistant
  • Support Company SNCO
  • Technical Quartermaster Sergeant (TQMS)
  • Training NCO
  • Training Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer Design Cell
  • Warrant Officer In Command Security
  • Warrant Officer Operational Support
  • Warrant Officer Training Platoon
  • Welfare Clerk
  • Welfare Officer
  • Welfare SNCO
  • Welfare Warrant Officer

Prison vs Corrective Training

MCTC is an establishment that provides corrective training for those servicemen and women sentenced to periods of detention; it is not a prison. Staff may be employed as Security, amongst other functions, as outlined in the attachment.

Staffing Costs

The total staffing cost for July 2018 was approximately £704,600.00. This relates to salary, National Insurance and pension contributions only. Non-pay related staffing costs, such as travel and subsistence claims and training, are not included in this figure.


FOI 2018/10662 dated 08 November 2018.


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