What is the Defence Discount Service Card?

The Defence Discount Service provides discounts for members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and Armed Forces Community both:

  • Online; and
  • On the high street.

Defence Discount Service is home of the Defence Privilege Card, the vetted discount card that can be used in stores, restaurants and venues to obtain armed forces discounts.

This discount card allows Veterans and the Armed Forces Community to have a card that can allow them to receive military discounts.

Who Qualifies for a Card?

  • Serving Armed Forces;
  • Reserve Forces;
  • Spouses/Partners of serving personnel;
  • HM Armed Forces Veterans (aka ex-serving);
  • MOD Civil Servants;
  • Bereaved Family Members;
  • War/Service Widow(er)s;
  • Cadet Forces (over 16); and
  • NATO Personnel in the UK.

How Do I Apply for a Card?

  • In order to apply for a Defence Privilege Card you will need to sign up to the website.
  • When you login to the website you will see a button on the navigation bar called ‘Privilege Card’.
  • Click on this button and you will then be guided through the stages.

Do I Pay A Fee?

The card is priced at £4.99 for a five-year membership.

Proof of Identification

  • The ID stage is the second stage of the application process.
  • Applicants must verify an affiliation with the Armed Forces.
  • All members must provide their own ID, with a range of documentation able to be submitted.

What Offers are Available?

  • All offers will explain how they are redeemed when you click through to view the offer.
  • Offers are also categorised by offer type:
    • Online offer;
    • Gift card offer; and/or
    • High Street offer.

You can find further information on the Defence Discount Service here.


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