What is the Mine Counter Measures Vessels Environment Allowance?

The Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB) recommended, in their 2015 report, the introduction of a Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV) Environmental Allowance (MEA).

This was intended to compensate for the particularly arduous conditions and poor quality of life in MCMVs, and was designed to mitigate retention challenges within the MCMV community.

The MEA rate was based on the Unpleasant Living Allowance, currently £3.49 per day.

In their 2018, the AFPRB supported a recommendation by the Royal Navy to introduce a new higher rate for junior ratings.

The Royal Navy stated they could not introduce this until December 2018, due to Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) issues, but the AFPRB found this unacceptable stating their recommendation was for it to be implemented from 01 April 2018.


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