What is Project Semaphore?

What is the Purpose of Project Semaphore?

The purpose of project semaphore is to address the issue of digital isolation in older Veterans, which exacerbates loneliness and poverty.

It is a Project to provide friendship, support and practical help, with the outcome of better spiritual and mental health.

Who Manages Project Semaphore?

Project Semaphore is a Royal Naval Association initiative funded by the Aged Veterans Fund.

What Does It involve?

Those who are eligible will receive a free iPad so they can:

  • Make new friends;
  • Learn new skills; and
  • Connect with their family and friends.

Project Semaphore supports individuals in their homes if they are unable to join a group or attend a workshop. To date over 650 devices have been delivered.

Who Is Eligible?

Applicants must:

  • Have served in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines;
  • Be aged 65 or over; and
  • Not have regular access to the Internet.

Further information can be found @ https://www.royal-naval-association.co.uk/.

For information on the Aged Veterans Fund.


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