What is the Defence Assistance Fund?

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) provides a range of support and assistance to countries worldwide through the Defence Assistance Fund (DAF) – they do not use the term military aid.

Through the DAF, the MOD supports a variety of Defence Engagement activities designed achieve two aims:

  1. Provide practical help and assistance to recipient countries; and
  2. Contribute to the UK’s own security objectives by:
    1. Developing defence relations; and
    2. Increasing UK influence .

Assistance can be in the form of:

  • The provision of equipment or services;
  • Military training and education; and/or
  • Building the capacity of the recipient country to address security challenges, both domestically and internationally.

Annual expenditure figures for the DAF:

  • 2016/17 £27.32 million.
  • 2017/18 £25.35 million.

It is important to that some activity which might fall within the scope of ‘military aid’ may be funded by the Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF), managed by the National Security Secretariat Joint Programme Hub.


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