What is Team Leidos?

Team Leidos, part of the Logistics Commodities Operating Centre, is an expert team of defence and logistic specialists with the sole purpose of managing the Logistic Commodities and Services (Transformation) (LCS(T)) contract, a critical effort to enhance and improve the UK’s defence supply chain.

Working with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Team Leidos is helping transform UK Defence Logistics and its Supply Chain by implementing innovative concepts and practices which will reduce costs and create significant improvement to the logistic services offered to the UK Armed Forces: the storage, distribution and global freight of MOD’s materiel, and the commodity, category, inventory and contract acquisition management of Food, Oils, Lubricants and Gases, Clothing, Medical Materiel and General Supplies (including Batteries).

Team Leidos is composed of the:

  • Defence Clothing Team;
  • Medical Delivery Team;
  • General Commodities and Supplies Team;
  • Storage, Distribution and Freight Team; and
  • Global Removals Team.

The Defence Clothing Team is responsible for maintenance of the clothing inventory for the Armed Forces and associated civilian staff and MOD agencies, through production planning based on customers’ requirements, procurement and stock management. The team is also responsible for the procurement of Physical Training and Adventurous Training Equipment for the Armed Forces.

Staff within the team are responsible for product development and customer liaison and maintain a direct link to operational theatres on all aspects of operational clothing. Acquisition teams, including Commercial, Finance and specialist Technical staff, with responsibility for work wear and personal protection equipment, and for Parade and Ceremonial clothing, place and manage the contracts relating to clothing and equipment requirements.

The Medical Delivery Team is responsible for providing timely and integrated medical, dental and veterinary supplies, equipment procurement and support to the UK Armed Forces and other customers during peace, training, operations, transition to war and warfighting worldwide.

The team has two principal delivery arms:

  1. The first is the Inventory Management section, which  commodity manages over 40,000 medical items including consumables (e.g. bandages and scalpels) and pharmaceuticals.
  2. The second is the Medical Projects section, which procures and provides through life support for all medical, dental and veterinary equipment, including Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs).

The General Commodities and Supplies Team has responsibilities ranging from Inventory Management to Contract Tendering and Contract Management activities. It is comprised of three sub-teams:

  1. General Supplies Team (including Batteries) is responsible for the provision of general supplies, including batteries, to the MOD, a large number of products (over 25,000 individual items) ranging from chemicals to timber and adhesives to fasteners.
  2. Defence Food Services is responsible for the provision of food and catering services to the UK Armed Forces on operations, on exercises and in a limited number of barracks. This includes worldwide food supply and operational ration packs.
  3. Oils, Lubes and Gases Team is responsible for the provision of Lubricants, Greases and Fuel Additives; Gases (Industrial, Medical, Refrigerant and Specialist); Pollution Control Sorbents; Fuel Sampling and Testing Equipment for UK Armed Forces units.

The Storage, Distribution and Freight Team is responsible for the identification, evaluation, selection, implementation and ongoing management of third-party transport providers covering movements of all types of freight, from parcels and pallets through to large military vehicles and oversized loads, incorporating courier, standard freight and Special Types General Order (STGO) services. The team manage agreements that enable the movement  of all classifications of products throughout the world, utilising surface freight (road, rail and sea), air freight and multi-modal arrangements, working closely with internal and external stakeholders.

The team currently manages the existing MOD freight contracts and continues to drive forward a large-scale benchmark and tendering exercise which will transform the way transport services are procured for the MOD. This includes baseline identification, market research, carrier identification, carrier evaluation, tender management, on-boarding of suppliers and subsequent ongoing performance management activity.

In addition, the Storage, Distribution and Freight Team is prepared to provide  a deployed service in support of expeditionary operations and is expected to provide deployed personnel into the Theatre of Operations under the Total Support Force (TSF) construct.

The Global Removals Team operates the MOD Global Removals Management Service (GRMS) contract, responsible for the movement of the personal effects of personnel from across the UK military and civil service communities. In terms of throughput, GRMS regularly delivers in excess of 25,000 consignments per year, ranging from single or multiple boxes through to full house moves to all corners of the world. In addition, at any given time, there are approximately 3,000 long-term storage consignments also managed under the requirement.

Delivered through using a range of industry accredited global suppliers and utilising a bespoke, client-facing management information system, GRMS responsibilities include the receipt, planning, execution and quality control services for all local, national and international moves for entitled personnel.

Further information can be accessed via the Team Leidos website http://www.leidos.com/lcst and details of current contract tenders are available on http://www.Leidos-Supply.uk.


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