What is the Fitness Information System Software (FISS)?

The Fitness Information System Software (FISS) is actually three different systems, one for each Service.

The systems record Fitness levels of all Service Personnel and was a Defence Analytics & Statistics Agency (DASA) hosted system used by the three Services.

  • The Naval Service FISS went live during January 2010, with the first full reporting period being completed 12 months later.
  • The Army FISS began on 01 April 2009, but roll-out was slow and data for a full annual reporting period subsequently lagged.
  • The RAF FISS began on 01 October 2007. However, the provision of the data by individuals is voluntary, and prior to the introduction of the revised Armed Forces Weight Management Policy on 01 October 2009 around half of RAF personnel had chosen not to do so.

A full annual reporting period completed in October 2010.

The information asset is used to produce Official and National Statistics which provide summaries of the information for further analysis: http://data.gov.uk/dataset/fitness-information-system-software.


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