What is the Minimum Weight to Join the Royal Marines?

Prior to 01 April 2011 the minimum weight standard for the Royal Marines attending the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) was 60 kilogrammes (kg), after this date it was raised to 65 kg.

The minimum weight of 65 kg upon entry is regardless of height, which continues to be 1.51cm. However, individuals still need to be within the BMI thresholds.

The Armed Forces Weight Management Policy, 2009DIN01-181, which came into force on 01 October 2009, provides the policy for the measurement of body composition and the management of Service personnel who demonstrate increased risk of ill health and inadequate physical fitness owing to their weight.

The policy requires each Service to provide annual body composition measurement (BCM) for all personnel, in order to identify an individual’s level of health risk and encourage maintenance of a healthy body weight.


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