Military Divers & Infective Endocarditis

Research Paper Title

Stentless bioprosthesis provided excellent haemodynamic performance in a military scuba diver with infective endocarditis.


Infective endocarditis is a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge that ultimately requires surgical intervention in 20% of all cases.

Surgical treatment of active infective endocarditis requires not only hemodynamic repair, but also special emphasis on the eradiation of the infectious focus to prevent recurrence.

This goal can be achieved by the combination of aggressive debridement of infective tissue and appropriate and adequate antibiotic treatment.

The researchers report a case of Streptococcus viridans induced aortic valve perforation related to aortic valve and root endocarditis, which was successfully treated with aortic root replacement using stentless bioprosthesis.

This bioprosthesis thus seems to be a valuable option for active endocarditis, provides excellent hemodynamics with low gradients.

Acceptable operative risk can be achieved by full root stentless valve replacement in physically active patients such as divers.


Dumantepe, M., Gullu, A.U., Komurcu, G., Inan, K. & Yilmaz, A.T. (2009) Stentless bioprosthesis provided excellent hemodynamic performance in a military scuba diver with infective endocarditis. Military Medicine. 174(7), pp.770-2.


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