How Many Applications were received for LE Commission into REME?

Table 1 outlines the number of application for a Late Entry (LE) commission into the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) between 2014 and 2017.

Table 1: No. of REME LE commission applications
Year 2014 2015 2016 2017
Applications (from REME personnel) 40 40 30 60
Applications (Other Cap Badges)
Commissions Awarded 20 20 30 30


  1. Under National Statistics rounding conventions all figures are rounded to the nearest 10, numbers ending in 5 have been rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10 to avoid systematic bias.
  2. Figures below 5 are denoted by ¬.
  3. Zero is denoted by 0.
  4. Totals and sub-totals have been rounded separately and may not equal the sum of their rounded parts.

It is interesting to note that unsuccessful candidates may re-apply in subsequent years, and REME do not have a designated number of LE posts.


FOI 2017/11369 dated 05 December 2017.


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