The Football World Cup & the Military!

Although FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association or the International Federation of Football Associations) was founded in 1904 and stated they would be the only “group allowed to organize a professional World Cup football competition.” Coleman, 2018, p.21-22), they did not hold a world cup until 1930.

The first ever world cup competition was held in Uruguay, South America, and was special as it was also the 100th year of their independence from Brazil.

The final was between Uruguay and Argentina, old enemies.

“The referee insisted on a guard for himself and his linesmen before he’d agree to begin the match. Throughout the game, soldiers with fixed bayonets patrolled the ground.” (Coleman, 2018, p.25).

Uruguay went on to win 4-2, becoming the first World Cup champions.


Coleman, M. (2018) Wicked World Cup. London: Scholastic Ltd.


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