The Royal Navy’s Core Values (CCDRIL)

The Royal Navy has six core values (remembered using the acronym CCDRIL):

  • Commitment: Selfless personal commitment is the foundation of Naval Service and enables us to demonstrate a sense of authority and purpose. We must be prepared to serve whenever and wherever we are required, and to do our very best at all times. This means that we accept that we will be expected to put the needs of the mission, and our team, ahead of our own interests.
  • Courage: Courage creates the strength on which fighting spirit, that essential element which turns a fighting force into a winning force, depends. We must have the physical courage to carry on with our task regardless of danger and discomfort, and the moral courage always to do what we know is right.
  • Discipline: The Naval Service must be a disciplined service if it is to be effective. We must therefore obey all lawful orders from our superiors. Self-discipline is fundamental; being able to discipline ourselves will earn us the respect and trust of others, and equip us to cope with the difficult, individual decisions we will have to make during our service.
  • Respect for Others: Each one of us has the exceptional responsibility of bearing arms, either collectively as part of a unit or individually, and when necessary of using controlled force. In addition, we will sometimes have to live and work under extremely difficult conditions. In such circumstances, it is particularly important that we show the greatest respect, tolerance understanding, and compassion for others regardless of their personal background; leadership and teamwork depend on it, and we have the fundamental right to expect to be treated with the same degree of respect and dignity by all with whom we serve.
  • Integrity: Integrity is that quality of an individual’s character that encompasses honesty, sincerity, reliability, and unselfishness. It is an essential requirement of both leadership and comradeship. Unless we maintain our integrity, others will not trust us and teamwork will suffer. Putting this integrity into practice sometimes requires us to show moral courage, because our decisions may not always be popular. This is not always easy; however, doing the right thing will always earn respect.
  • Loyalty: The Nation, the Naval Service and those with whom we serve rely on our commitment, dedication and support. We must therefore be loyal to our leaders, those that we lead, our team, and our duty. Pass this test and we will never let others down.


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