Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Values

The RAAF values provide the expectations and standards that all RAAF personnel are expected to display every day.

  • Respect: Air Force People always respect the rights of others. Our people are just and inclusive. We recognise diversity is essential to improve our capability.
  • Excellence: Air Force People demonstrate professionalism, mastery and continuous improvement in everything we do. Our people are motivated and encouraged to innovate. We are capability focussed, operationally ready and are driven to successfully complete the missions required of us.
  • Agility: Air Force People respond swiftly to challenges. Our people are resilient and quickly adapt to changes in our environment. We are flexible in how we think and act and we use resources wisely.
  • Dedication: Air Force People are trusted to defend our country. Our people are courageous and serve with pride and commitment. We cherish our heritage, honour the achievements and sacrifices of those who have gone before us and will create the legacy for the future.
  • Integrity: Air Force People have the courage to do what is right. Our people are honest, ethical and demonstrate sound judgement. We hold ourselves and others to account.
  • Teamwork: Air Force People work together to deliver precision air and space power. Our people collaborate with the Defence Team and our partners. We share the responsibility to ensure a safe environment, everywhere and always.


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