The Role of the New Army Sergeant Major

OR-9, WO1 (GSM) Billy MottThe New Army Sergeant Major – or Sergeant Major of the Army as the Americans call it – Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) Glenn Haughton has been interviewed about his new role.

WO1 Haughton was selected on the 2012 Late Entry Commissioning Board (LECB) for promotion to LE officer, but his promotion was deferred as he was selected for the appointment of Academy Sergeant Major at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. In doing so, he joined a select group of 30 Command Sergeant Majors in the British Army, selected from among the strongest applicants on the LECBs. He now heads up that group in his new appointment, providing guidance and direction from the very top of the Army, and feeding back the soldiers’ voice to Higher Command.

WO1 Haughton’s promotion to LE officer was once again deferred when he was personally selected by the Chief of the General Staff to become the Army Sergeant Major. However, he will not suffer loss of seniority as at the end of his 3-year  tenure he will be moving on to the yearlong Intermediate Command and Staff Course at Shrivenham, for which he will take up his substantive promotion to Major (OF-3).

As the Army Sergeant Major WO1 Haughton has input across Army matters and sits on a number of boards and committees:

  • Member of the Lower Honours Committee;
  • Army Medals Board;
  • Army Dress Committee;
  • Army Benevolent  Fund trustee (only serving soldier); and
  • Executive Member of he Executive Committee Ary Board (ECAB) (only serving soldier).

WO1 Haughton is also the vice president of Army Football, is a passionate champion of the Army Leadership Code, an advocate of the Army Servicewomen’s Network and LGBT forum, and also promotes the idea of maximising talent in the Army.

Academically, he has an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and is now studying for an MA in Business Administration.


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