Shifting the focus



3 thoughts on “Shifting the focus

  1. Hi John.

    There are numerous studies regarding hydration in westernised, and some other, military systems. I intended to write an article on hydration and the military in the future but can bring this forward if you wish?

    If you look at the Hydration page under the main Anatomy & Phyisology page, there is a small paragraph towards the end which gives a, very, brief overview of British Army policy.


    1. I’d be interested to read the military view on hydration. Its something that has interested me after a recent documentary challenging the myths the drinks industry spreads which are often regarded as fact. Even though there is little or no peer reviewed evidence to back it up. Great blog.

  2. Thanks for the reblog. I wondered if you know of any research the military has carried out on hydration? I’ve heard that the South African special forces did something, the conclusion was that you should drink when you are thirsty, which contradicts all the advice the sports drinks companies give out.

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