What is a Military High School?


Military high schools are a type of high school that include military cadet education and so are a form of military academy.


They are found in several countries and offer a regular high school education but with an extra military training curriculum. For example, cadets must rise early and do physical training to be followed by games in the afternoon. However, in the same way as a high or secondary school, they have academic classes after breakfast. In the evening, there may be self-study classes. As a part of a military institute, seniority is essential, and the commands of seniors must be obeyed by juniors. The grade works as the rank of the cadets. All cadets from the same batch are considered to be of the same rank. However, in higher grades, prefects are selected to lead the regular cadets.

Examples of Military High Schools by Country


Refer to cadet colleges in Bangladesh.

  • Joypurhat Girls Cadet College
  • Feni Girls Cadet College
  • Comilla Cadet College
  • Mymensingh Girls Cadet College
  • Pabna Cadet College
  • Barisal Cadet College
  • Rangpur Cadet College
  • Sylhet Cadet College
  • Rajshahi Cadet College
  • Mirzapur Cadet College
  • Jhenaidah Cadet College
  • Faujdarhat Cadet College


  • Colégio Militar de Belém (CMBel) (Military High School of Belém)
  • Colégio Militar de Belo Horizonte (CMBH) (Military High School of Belo Horizonte)
  • Colégio Militar de Brasília (CMB) (Military High School of Brasília)
  • Colégio Militar de Campo Grande (CMCG) (Military High School of Campo Grande)
  • Colégio Militar de Curitiba (CMC) (Military High School of Curitiba)
  • Colégio Militar de Fortaleza (CMF) (Military High School of Fortaleza)
  • Colégio Militar de Juiz de Fora (CMJF) (Military High School of Juiz de Fora)
  • Colégio Militar de Manaus (CMM) (Military High School of Manaus)
  • Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre (CMPA) (Military High School of Porto Alegre)
  • Colégio Militar do Recife (CMR) (Military High School of Recife)
  • Colégio Militar do Rio de Janeiro (CMRJ) (Military High School of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Colégio Militar de Salvador (CMS) (Military High School of Salvador)
  • Colégio Militar de Santa Maria (CMSM) (Military High School of Santa Maria)
  • Colégio Militar de São Paulo (CMSP) (Military High School of São Paulo)
  • Colégio Naval (CN) (Naval High School)
  • Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Ar (EPCAR) (Air Cadets Preparatory School)


  • Robert Land Academy


  • Taruna Nusantara, Magelang
  • Krida Nusantara, Bandung
  • Pelita Nusantara, Bandung


  • JGSDF High Technical School


  • The Royal Military College, Sungai Besi


  • Air Force Military School, Jos, Nigeria
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta
  • Nigerian Military School, Zaria
  • Command Secondary Schools


Refer to cadet colleges in Pakistan.

  • Cadet College Hasan Abdal
  • Cadet College Fateh Jang
  • Cadet College Kohat
  • Cadet College Larkana
  • Cadet College Mastung
  • Cadet College Palandri
  • Cadet College Petaro
  • Cadet College Razmak
  • Cadet College Sanghar
  • Cadet College Skardu
  • Garrison Cadet College Kohat
  • Military College Jhelum
  • Military College Sui
  • Military College Murree
  • Pakistan Steel Cadet College
  • WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela


  • Leoncio Prado Military Academy


  • Military High School Alexandru Ioan Cuza
  • Military High School Dimitrie Cantemir
  • Military High School Mihai Viteazu
  • Military High School Stefan cel Mare
  • Military High School Tudor Vladimirescu


  • Heybeliada Military High School
  • Isiklar Military High School
  • Kuleli Military High School
  • Maltepe Military High School

United Arab Emirates

  • The Military High School, Al-Ain

United States

Refer to United States Military Schools and Academies.

  • Carson Long Military Academy (Permanently closed)
  • Carver Military Academy
  • Fork Union Military Academy[
  • Hargrave Military Academy
  • Marine Military Academy
  • Massanutten Military Academy
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • New York Military Academy
  • New Mexico Military Institute
  • Riverside Military Academy


  • Scuola navale militare “Francesco Morosini”
  • Scuola militare teuliè
  • Scuola militare nunziatella
  • Scuola aeronautica militare “Giulio Douhet”


  • Country wide “Mundurówka” schools

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